Welcome visitors

Matheny resident Jessica Evans and volunteer Selma Ahmed.

“When you guys come here, you make my day brighter.” That’s how Matheny adult resident Jessica Evans greeted members of the eighth grade class at the Bedminster, NJ, School, when they visited on a recent Wednesday afternoon. For as long as anyone can remember, eighth graders from the school have been volunteering at Matheny once a week.

“It’s great to interact with the Matheny residents,” said student Selma Ahmed. “We all have fun.” On this visit, the Bedminster students started work on a banner they will carry in the Lu Huggins Wheelchair Walk during Miles for Matheny, the fundraiser and community event scheduled for Sunday, May 31. Ahmed also found time to help Evans polish her nails.

The group from Bedminster is just one of several school groups who visit Matheny patients and students regularly. For more information, call (908) 234-0011, ext. 282, or email volunteers@matheny.org.

Ariana Myers, left, and Jasmine Campos work on the Miles for Matheny banner.