Financial Assistance Policy





Financial Assistance Policy – F-006A

Financial Assistance
Individuals are cared for at The Matheny School & Hospital, Inc. (the “Hospital”) regardless of
their ability to pay. All Matheny patients are eligible to participate in the Matheny’s financial
assistance program. Individuals are accepted under Matheny’s admissions policy. All services
received at the Hospital in all departments and divisions, are subject to this financial assistance

The Hospital patients are not required to apply for assistance; they receive this Financial
Assistance Policy by virtue of their status as patients. The Hospital does not bill nor pursue
payment from any Hospital patient. A billing system is maintained for each patient, but bills are
not sent to any patient. If the patient has insurance, the hospital does bill the patient’s health
insurance plan, or third party payer. The Hospital covers all treatments, copays, deductibles, and
coinsurance and any other cost sharing obligations that are not covered by insurance. The
Hospital does not take action to collect from patients or their families and does not report to
credit agencies.