Super Sunday

Matheny resident Yasin Reddick with defensive lineman Daryl Campbell, left, and offensive lineman James Mattia.

The New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks were set to play in Arizona, but before that contest took place on Sunday, February 1, Matheny residents celebrated Super Sunday with members of the FDU–Florham Devils, varsity players from Fairleigh Dickinson University in Madison, NJ.

The FDU Devils had a losing record during the regular season, but their post-season performance (at Matheny) was a winning one. Thanks to the players and one member of their coaching staff for helping to put the “super” into Super Sunday for Matheny residents.

Matheny’s recreation therapy program provides our students and patients with a variety of recreation opportunities and resources to improve their physical, emotional, cognitive and social well-being. In addition, our students and patients often attend professional, college and high school sporting events. Next fall, the FDU Devils will likely be on the schedule.

From left, offensive line coach Matthew Lohrey, Matheny resident Jessica Evans and offensive lineman Dimi Artale.