Understanding Bobby

From left, Tom, Bobby and Carol Hopkins.

Some mornings, without warning, something will break in Bobby Hopkins’ wheelchair. “I just put Bobby in our van and take him to the seating and mobility clinic at Matheny,” says Bridgewater, NJ, resident Tom Hopkins, his father. “They’ve saved the day for us more than once.”

“Everything’s under one roof,” adds his wife Carol, “so you’re talking to the therapists and the technicians at the same time. They confer so they can see what actually can be done. I think what I could say more than anything about Matheny is that the people there understand Bobby.”

Bobby Hopkins, now 42, was born with a seizure disorder exhibiting many of the same symptoms as cerebral palsy. He comes to the Center of Medicine and Dentistry for primary care in addition to his visits to the seating and mobility clinic. The Hopkins have been bringing Bobby to the Matheny Medical and Educational Center for outpatient services for about 20 years, even though the outpatient clinic, the Matheny Center of Medicine and Dentistry, wasn’t built until 2003.

“One of the things I like,” adds Tom, “is how other people are treated—with respect and care.” His wife concurs. “So many places lose sight of the individual. The secretaries, the nurses, the people walking by when we’re in the waiting room—they all say ‘hello.’ They’re pleasant to the other people they’re dealing with. It’s just a calming, pleasant, capable place. It puts you at ease. Plus they don’t have unrealistic expectations, and they keep our expectations realistic.”

The Matheny Center of Medicine and Dentistry specializes in healthcare for people with a wide range of disabilities – from cerebral palsy to autism. We provide general medical services and specialty care, a full range of dental services and customized seating and mobility devices.

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