All in one place

Judith Marino, her mother Ursula and Matheny gynecologist Judith Hersh, MD.

If the Matheny Center of Medicine and Dentistry didn’t exist, Ursula Marino of Sayreville, NJ, would have to take her daughter Judith to private doctors all over the state. Instead, Judith, who was born with brain damage, can receive primary medical care, women’s health care, dental care and seating and mobility assistance all in one place.

“It’s worth the trip,” says Ursula Marino. “You go somewhere else, and they don’t know what to do. Here, they’re very patient, and they know Judith by name. Everybody is very thorough. They don’t let things slide.”  The Matheny Center of Medicine and Dentistry specializes in health care for people with mild to severe developmental and intellectual disabilities in an outpatient setting.

Adult women with disabilities are just as susceptible to breast cancer, cervical cancer and menstrual and menopausal problems as women without disabilities. As a result, Matheny maintains a gynecologist on staff. Women with disabilities may or may not be verbal, so their doctors must be extremely patient and understanding, often taking a pediatric approach.

In Matheny’s seating and mobility clinic, occupational and physical therapists collaborate with rehabilitation technicians to optimize function and minimize discomfort for individuals in wheelchairs. Seating and mobility staff members are certified as assistive technology practitioners and suppliers by the Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America (RESNA).

“Here, she fits in,” says Ursula Marino. She feels comfortable.”

Insurance covers less than 50% of the cost of care in the Matheny Center of Medicine and Dentistry. Your contributions to the #GivingTuesday campaign will make certain that those with the greatest need continue to get the support and services they deserve.

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