The Faces of Matheny – Teacher Appreciation Week!

This week, for the first time in over two years, day students returned to The Matheny School! While some precautions remain in place for the safety of our students and staff, we are thrilled to welcome these students back! We are incredibly thankful to everyone who helped get us through two years of distanced and virtual learning, and all who made this return possible.

This week also happens to be Teacher Appreciation Week, with Special Education Week following next week. We are endlessly grateful for our Matheny teachers, who notice and nurture each and every student’s unique skills, talents, and aspirations. Without them, our work would be impossible. So, for this edition of The Faces of Matheny, we wanted to highlight the voices of two of our essential Matheny School educators. Why did they become teachers? What do they love about working at the Matheny School?

“I have worked at Matheny now for four years. Teaching and working with children seemed to come naturally to me in my life as the oldest of a large family. I became a teacher because I value education and helping children learn. Matheny is a special community with dedicated and kind staff. It is great being part of the Matheny team!”
-Noelle Barry

“I started at Matheny in 1990. I became a teacher because I had the opportunity to observe a special education class several times while still in high school and loved it. What I have always loved about Matheny and being in the education department, is that administration always allows and encourages opportunities for creativity. Also, I have appreciated that sense of Matheny being an extension of home and being like family.”
-Darlene Tammara, 2019 ASAH Educator of the Year

This week and all other weeks, we are thankful for Noelle, Darlene, and all of our devoted teaching staff! Happy Teacher Appreciation Week, and we hope you’re enjoying have students back in the classroom. We can’t wait to see what’s next at the Matheny School!

Do you have any favorite Matheny stories that you would like to share for The Faces of Matheny? Would you like to be featured in this series (or know someone you’d like to see featured)? Get in touch at or on social media @mathenymedical.