Garden Talk

“This guy knows his stuff!” That was the reaction of Janet Gartleman of Long Valley, NJ, when she began cutting flowers for adult day patient T.J. Christian to put inside a pumpkin. Christian revealed that his gardening knowledge comes from years of listening to “The Garden Hotline”, a radio show that was hosted by the late Ralph Snodsmith on WOR 710AM for more than 30 years. It turns out that Gartleman listened to Snodsmith, too, so she and Christian immediately bonded.

The occasion was a visit by members of the Garden Club of Long Valley to help Matheny adults make Halloween decorations using flowers. The GCLV, established in 1970, exists to promote general interest in gardening and to encourage civic beautification. Odds are Christian may decide to become a member.

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Janet Gartleman and T.J. Christian trade gardening tips during a visit to Matheny by the Garden Club of Long Valley.

Volunteers are needed at Matheny on weekdays, evenings, and weekends. Individuals can serve as recreation assistants, classroom aides, tutors, and friendly visitors. Volunteer groups, such as those from the Garden Club of Long Valley, are encouraged to host events or bring special projects.