An Enduring Tradition

Bedminster_Amanda, mira

Mira Patla, left, and Matheny resident Amanda Kochell

Bedminster group

From left: Emily Caspersen, Martin Villagra, Megan Mellett, Nayelis Milian, Matheny resident Jessica Evans, Mira Patla, and Madeleine Acevedo.

No one remembers when the Bedminster School eighth grade class began volunteering at Matheny. But, the tradition started at least 15 years ago and continues to thrive. “I really enjoy the experience of making friends,” said Mira Patla, one of six volunteers at Matheny on Wednesday, February 17. “It’s also a learning experience,” she added. “You get to join in the lives of people and get to know them.”

During the recent visit, the volunteers made “happy cards” for the Matheny residents and also spent some quality time with some of the adults with whom they have become most friendly.

The Bedminster volunteers come to Matheny every Wednesday afternoon, just one of many school groups that visit Matheny residents on a regular basis. For more information, call (908) 234-0011, ext. 282, or email