Wheelchair wash

Volunteers Sam Dillard, left, and his brother Henry of Oldwick, NJ.

It’s extremely important to keep wheelchairs clean, and with that in mind, Matheny held its first ever Wheelchair Wash recently. Thirty-five wheelchairs used by Matheny students were cleaned by staff members with the help of volunteers from the community.

The project was organized by Kim Siara, acting director of occupational therapy, who urged everyone to, “work together to keep our residents’ wheelchairs spiffy!”

Volunteer Kim Collichio of Mountainside, NJ.

Based on its success, another Wheelchair Wash is being planned for those used by adult patients.


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  1. lois prescott says:

    I am Richard Kelly’s mom….I haven’t been able to visit due to the long distance. If you are in the Green Zone, please visit him..he has been on bedrest and is probably bored!
    He is very social and loves football