Welcome to the Dawg Pound

A typical Dawg Pound display in Matheny’s rotunda area.

The Dawg Pound was launched in 2009 to sharpen practical work skills of Matheny patients and students. With startup funds of $5,000 provided by The Friends of Matheny auxiliary group and Village Office Supply of Somerset, NJ, the Dawg Pound participants were able to build a display kiosk and purchase inventory, which includes coffee mugs, water bottles and a variety of Matheny apparel items.

The operation is divided into three departments: marketing, finance, and sales/inventory. Teamwork, budgeting, effective advertising and customer service are all skills that have been learned by those working in the Dawg Pound, which was named after the Matheny teams’ mascot, the Bulldog. In addition to selling merchandise to Matheny employees, Dawg Pound participants sometimes set up shop at special events out in the community.