The beat goes on

During the summer, Matheny’s music therapists, all of whom are talented musicians, have been hosting mid-week programs during lunch time for the enjoyment of staff, students and patients.

On Wednesday, July 11, the instrument of choice was the drum, and several of the music therapists performed in a drum circle located in the rotunda section near the dining rooms. Everyone was invited to “please stop by, play an instrument, if even for a minute or two.” Adult patient Cindy Shanks, shown above, took up the challenge, playing the drums with her feet, accompanied by music therapist Megan Chappius.

Music therapists use various types of music to positively impact students’ and patients’ cognitive, physical, emotional and social skills, helping them realize their potential in society. Activities and techniques include improvisation, rhythm, songwriting, songs, chants, instrumental activities, live music and recorded music.