Sweet Charity

JFOM candy money

Three members of the Junior Friends of Matheny presented a symbolic check for $3,300.47 to Kendell R. Sprott, MD, JD, president and CEO of Matheny. From left: Sean Bielefeldt, Matheny director of recreation therapy; Dina Rosenberg, Sarah Desatnick, and Georgia Tompkins, all Ridge High School students; Dr. Sprott; Rick Alonzo, Matheny vp of operations; and Sean Murphy, vp and principal/director of The Matheny School.

Back in January, the Junior Friends of Matheny, student volunteers from Bernards High School in Bernardsville, NJ, and Ridge High School in Basking Ridge, NJ, sold boxes of chocolate clusters to raise money for Matheny. They raised $3,300.47, and presented the money to Matheny on April 22. The money will be used to enhance the play areas for Matheny School students.  

The clusters, which sold for $33 a box, were donated by retired Wall Street executive John Tompkins of Basking Ridge, who owns a Randolph, NJ-based candy company called JT’s Confections. His daughter, Georgia, is a member of the Junior Friends.