Solutions for schools

Matheny physical therapist works with a student in the Roxbury Township School District.

As public school districts prepare for the coming 2014-15 school year, they are faced with enormous challenges in order to provide the best possible education for their special needs students.  Matheny’s Solutions for Schools program is designed to help districts meet these challenges.

Through the Solutions program, we offer:
• Specialized Evaluations.
• Therapy Services.
• Home-Based Services.
• Adaptive Equipment and Assistive Technology.

Matheny views public school districts as partners. Our breadth of experience and expertise educating and caring for students with developmental disabilities enables us to provide services that will benefit special needs students and families in the community.

For help or information regarding those services they are not able to provide in-house, school districts should call (908) 234-0011, ext. 220, or email