How do I get my child enrolled at The Matheny School?

Students enrolled at The Matheny School are referred by their local school districts. If you live in New Jersey, contact the child study team in your public school district. Then, ask your case manager to consider setting up a tour with our admissions director.

What if my child’s school district refuses to consider outside placement?

While you and representatives of your school district work as a team to develop an appropriate educational program for your child, you have the right to have your child placed in the Least Restrictive Environment, which is not always in the public school. It is important for you to understand your rights in the special education process and that will help you in advocating for your child’s placement. We suggest you review the N.J. Department of Education guide, “Parental Rights in Special Education.”

For outside assistance you could reach out to sources at www.ASAH.org or through the Statewide Parents Advocacy Network http://www.spanadvocacy.org/.

What type of children do you serve, what disabilities do they have?

The Matheny School serves children age 3-21 who have a variety of medically complex disabilities resulting from cerebral palsy, spina bifida, traumatic brain injury, or other neurologically-based disorders. Most students have multiple disabilities, including motor disability, intellectual disability, speech/language disability, visual or hearing impairments, learning disabilities, and the need for medical support.

Does Matheny School offer an extended school year (ESY) program?

Yes, we have a full-day ESY program that runs for six weeks, Monday through Friday, from early July to late August. It’s a continuation of the student’s IEP (individualized education plan), including all related services designated in the IEP. Whether a student attends or not is a joint decision between the parents and the sending district child study team.

What are the class sizes and the student to staff ratio?

The maximum class size is 8. There are 4 staff members to 1 student

How to parents receive information on their child’s educational program and progress.

Parents are important participants in their child’s education therefore we maintain frequent contact with parents through meetings, phone and email. At the end of every school day, students are sent home with a daily communication sheet informing their parents specifically what instructional activities occurred as well as what they ate for lunch, ADLs, and other relevant information about their child’s day. Quarterly progress reports are issued and parents are included in annual IEP meetings.

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