Rolling with Scott


The Gordon family at Miles for Matheny in 2015.

The ‘Rolling with Scott’ Miles for Matheny fundraising team, created by Matheny School student Scott Gordon’s parents, Andrew and Julie Gordon, has already raised $4,925! Thank you to the Gordon family and its supporters!

Now is the time to start your own fundraising team for Miles for Matheny. Your team could include members of your school, church, book club or workplace—or it could just be family and friends. You can decide which Miles events you want to participate in and then create a team registration page, set team fundraising goals, or generate a friendly competition among team members to see who can raise the most money. Remember, all funds raised at Miles support programs and services that enhance the lives of the children, teens and adults at Matheny.

You can create a team webpage at Just upload photos of you and your teammates, set your fundraising goals, and send emails to your contacts, asking them to support you. For assistance, call Patricia Cats at (908) 234-0011, ext. 260, or email her at