Oh mercy, another Percy!

For the third consecutive year, Matheny will be receiving a Percy Award from the Healthcare Planning and Marketing Society of New Jersey for Best Small Hospital Public Relations/Media Placement. This year’s awards will be presented at HPMSNJ’s annual meeting on December 9 at the National Conference Center of East Windsor in East Windsor, N.J.

Matheny’s award is for its partnership with CBS New York television and radio stations to promote Miles for Matheny, an annual fundraiser and community event, held April 17. WCBS-TV Channel 2 provided on-air news coverage, aired a public service announcement featuring news anchor Don Dahler, placed it on the CBS New York website and promoted it among its employees.

In addition, WCBS Newsradio 880 produced a video of Matheny’s visit to the Clinton, N.J., Public School to demonstrate the use of adapted physical education equipment. The video, featuring news anchor Wayne Cabot, appeared on the station’s website. The audio was played on-air, followed by live promos for Miles for Matheny.

HPMSNJ is the local chapter of the Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development (SHSMD). Started in 1979, HPMSNJ serves healthcare planning, marketing and public relations professionals in New Jersey and surrounding states.

Above: Matheny presents “Certificates of Appreciation” to WCBS-TV.  From left, Steve Proctor, Matheny president; Kevin Ralph, Matheny chief development officer; Peter Dunn, president, CBS Television Stations; Don Dahler, WCBS-TV news anchor; and Eric Berlin, WCBS-TV weekend producer.

Below:  WCBS Newsradio 880 presentation, from left: Kevin Ralph; WCBS Newsradio anchor Wayne Cabot; WCBS Newsradio news director Tim Scheld; and Steve Proctor.