New Matheny President & CEO Visits Group Homes

Since becoming Matheny’s new President & CEO, Bill Kent has been keeping busy getting to know the Matheny community! He recently visited our five group homes in Basking Ridge, Frelinghysun, Lakeside, and Franklin to start getting more familiar with the staff and residents.

We’re grateful to Bill for his careful and intentional efforts to learn about Matheny in his first few weeks. We’re excited to see where his leadership will take us!

2 responses to “New Matheny President & CEO Visits Group Homes”

  1. Bill Kent says:

    Thanks so much Brian! While I miss the LVHN greatly, I am honored to be part of Matheny’s compelling mission. I am deeply grateful for the personal and professional development opportunities LVHN provided for me during my tenure. LVHN’s commitment to community is unparalleled in health care!

    I wish you and LVHN continued happiness and success always!

  2. Brian Nester says:

    Awesome pics! We really miss Bill at LVHN. But, it’s obvious that he is bringing his customary passion to Matheny, as we knew he would.

    All our very Best to the Matheny Team!

    Stay Healthy,

    Brian Nester
    CEO / LVHN