Michael’s progress: ‘astonishing’

When Michael Taurozzi, now 18, was still in his mother’s womb, he had a stroke, which seriously affected one side of his brain. However, after spending more than 11 years as a residential student at Matheny, there is, in the words of his mother, Janice Taurozzi, “a big difference in Michael. He can comprehend now. He knows when we’re here. He knows when he’s in the classroom. He loves going to the mall, and he loves going to the beach.”

Though he can’t speak, has limited vision and can’t walk, Michael has a contagious smile that lights up a room.  But, “the astonishing thing,” says his father, John Taurozzi, of Randolph, NJ, “is when I go into his classroom, and they ask him, ‘Michael, which color is red?’ He goes to the button and picks the right one. It just blows me away that he can do that.”

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Above: Michael and his mother, Janice Taurozzi.