Mask auction on Fat Tuesday

Verve owner Rick St. Pierre toasts with one of his customers, Eric Patton of Somerville.

The walls of the Verve Bistro Bar & Lounge in Somerville, NJ, were filled with hanging masks made by facilitators in Matheny’s Arts Access Program, students in Matheny’s Adult Services Program and members of the Junior Friends of Matheny. The occasion was opening night, Thursday, February 7, of Verve’s Mardi Gras-Carnivale celebration featuring, in the words of owner Rick St. Pierre, “food and libations of Venice, Brazil and New Orleans, baubles, beads, gaudy decorations and cheap plastic trinkets.”

The celebration was held over the weekend of February 8-9 and will culminate on Fat Tuesday, February 12, with a silent auction for the masks. A portion of the proceeds from the Carnivale will go to Matheny for the second consecutive year. There is still time to join the celebration tonight, by making a reservation. Just call (908) 707-8655; Verve is located at 18 East Main St.

One of two masks created by Arts Access facilitator Joe Matousek that will have an opening bid of $100 at the silent auction.