Local Art

“Everybody who comes up here comments on the artwork.” Tim Peters, president of Peapack, NJ-based MedActionPlan.com LLC, has several pieces of art by artists in Matheny’s Arts Access Program hanging on the walls of his offices, which are located on Main Street, opposite Highland Avenue, the road that leads up to Matheny.

aa tim peters group

From left, Shane Smith, holding “Spiderweb”, Tim Peters, Jess Evans, Michelle Hoffman, Donna Frank, Kathy Fennessy, Dion Alston, and Lee Peters, holding Alston’s untitled work. Behind them is a painting by Arts Access artist Mark Cornely.

On Friday, April 29, two of the artists whose work is on display visited Peters and met the rest of his office staff. Dion Alston has an untitled painting in Peters’ offices, and Jess Evans’ painting is entitled “Spiderweb”.  Arts Access is a unique fine arts program where individuals with disabilities can fully express themselves in the creative arts.