Investment in education

Table of school supplies collected by Matheny students.

Students at the Matheny School face special challenges, but that doesn’t stop them from finding the satisfaction that comes from helping others.

The Roosevelt Elementary School in New Brunswick, NJ, is located in a low-income area, with many of its students living below the poverty line. It is a port-of-entry school for new immigrants, and the school’s Youth Services System provides after-school recreation, tutoring and homework assistance.

With that in mind, Matheny School students mounted a campaign to collect school supplies from Matheny employees that would, in turn, be donated to Roosevelt’s YSS program. The drive was an unqualified success! Doing some math, with the help of manipulatives (objects such as blocks that are used to help students learn math concepts) and calculators, Matheny students determined that the supplies collected included 52 packs of pencils, 75 glue sticks, 176 markers and 65 notebooks.