Volunteering and giving back

Stefanie Wolff holds one of many boxes of art supplies she donated to Matheny. At left is her mother, Susan Wolff; at right is Janice Kriegman, Matheny development officer.

Stefanie Wolff, a seventh grader at the Marlboro Memorial Middle School in Marlboro, NJ, learned about Matheny when she visited her cousin, Jenna Polyeff, a Matheny resident. As a result, Stefanie volunteered at Matheny, participating in music and storytelling events.

Recently, as her bat mitzvah project at Temple Beth Ahm in Aberdeen, NJ, Stefanie spoke about her volunteering experience and collected art supplies, which she then donated to Matheny. Stefanie had also attended Jenna’s bat mitzvah, which was held last May in Matheny’s Robert Schonhorn Arts Center.