Family fashion

Student Shane Szott and recreation therapy intern Monica Campbell

Recreation therapy at Matheny provides our students and patients with a variety of recreational opportunities and resources to improve their physical, emotional, cognitive and social well-being. Activities can range from participating in adaptive sports to taking simple shopping trips to more adventurous camping trips.

Anika Brown-Dyer, a recreation assistant, noticed that several of the Matheny residents had a special interest in fashion, so she decided to help them stage a fashion show that would also include staff members and family members. The show, held last month in the Robert Schonhorn Arts Center, offered Matheny students and patients the opportunity to choose their own clothes and pick the accompanying music. “I strongly believe,” says Brown-Dyer, “that when you look good, you feel good.” Who can really argue with that?

Student Deborah Eike and her father Russ Eike