Election day

Matheny student Raven Bennett after casting her ballot.

The right to vote is a privilege many Americans probably take for granted. But for the students and patients at Matheny, Tuesday, November 6, was a very special day. Several Matheny residents were transported to the Peapack-Gladstone polling place to exercise their rights as citizens. Student Raven Bennett was very happy that she voted, but she had one disappointment. “People get very excited over voting,” she said, “and then it’s over too quickly.” Another student, Yasin Reddick, also found the experience very exciting, adding, “Finally, my vote is counted.  My opinion counts.” It was the ultimate civics lesson and one they will not soon forget.

The Voting Accessibility for the Elderly and Handicapped Act of 1984 generally requires polling places across the United States to be physically accessible to people with disabilities for federal elections.