Dancing for dollars

Matheny adult patients Cindy Shanks and Dion Alston take a turn on the dance floor.

The Immaculate Conception School in Annandale, NJ, raised $10,000 for Matheny at its annual Dance-A-Thon, held April 20 and 21. Matheny parent Debbie O’Connor, whose son Ryan is a Matheny student, was instrumental in having Matheny designated as a recipient of funds from this event.

“Matheny,” she says, “tries to provide these children with every opportunity to experience life at the highest quality possible.”

To read more about the ICS Dance-A-Thon, look for the spring/summer 2012 Matheny Matters newsletter, arriving in your mailbox soon. Or find Matheny Matters online on the homepage of the Matheny website. If you’d like a copy sent to you, call (908) 234-0011, ext. 273, or email sjosephson@matheny.org.