Closing the sale

Rasheedah Mahali uses her eyes to “catch” prospects for Dawg Pound merchandise.

Rasheedah Mahali believes she is a natural salesperson. And her belief has turned into reality, as she is currently the top seller among all Matheny patients and students who work in the Dawg Pound, the shop that offers items such as coffee mugs and water bottles for sale to Matheny employees.

“I use my eyes to catch them,” she says mischievously, talking about how she snags Matheny staff members as they walk through the rotunda on the way back and forth to the staff dining room.

Mahali is now looking forward to Family Day on June 24 when she will be able try out her selling skills on parents and siblings. And she is also preparing for Deals at Dust, a special promotion in the works for the 3-11 p.m. staff. While she is happy to sell anything the Dawg Pound has to offer, she says she’s had the most success with notebooks and pens.

The Dawg Pound was started in 2009 to hone practical work skills of Matheny patients and students. Startup funds were provided by The Friends of Matheny and Village Office Supply of Somerset, NJ.