Arts scholarship winners

Raven Bennett at the Scholarship Gala, with social worker Valerie Marcketta, center, and speech-language pathologist Brynna Cunningham.

Two Arts Access artists—student Raven Bennett and adult patient Bozena Geraghty—were among the 15 recipients of scholarships presented this past spring by the Dance Innovations Performance Foundation (DIPF ) at its annual Kids for Kids Scholarship Gala held at the Primavera Regency in Stirling, NJ. The Chatham, NJ-based DIPF was established in 1999 to give back to the community and to those less fortunate.

The scholarships were awarded to 14 special needs artists and to one organization serving children from domestic violence homes. DIPF raised funds through benefit performances, fundraising and private donations. Its student dancers also often perform at Matheny for students and patients.

Both Bennett and Geraghty are active in Matheny’s Arts Access Program, which enables people with disabilities to create fine art, assisted by professional artist-facilitators.