Art Garden ‘Pickup’

Art Garden CSA is a Community Supported Arts Program to connect emerging artists with disabilities and local art collectors. It is a collaboration between Matheny’s Arts Access Program and Arts Unbound, made possible by a Community Employment Grant from the Kessler Foundation.

Ten artists – five from Arts Access and five from Arts Unbound – were selected to participate in the program. Each artist was required to create 25 pieces of art, ranging from paintings, jewelry, small sculptures, wearable art, photography, and more. From this, 25 shares of art, each containing 10 pieces of art and selling for $500, were offered for sale to art collectors.

aa art garden pickup ellen, sherry, cindy 2

Sherry Maklary, a resident of Long Valley, NJ, picked up her Art Garden share and met Arts Access/Art Garden artists Ellen Kane, left, and Cindy Shanks. They are in front of Kane’s “The Moving”, left, and Shanks’ “I Cannot Look Back”.

aa art garden pickup barbas, jess, james

Vincent Barba, Matheny vp of patient safety, and his wife, Theresa, picked up their Art Garden share and spent some time with Arts Access/Art Garden artists Jess Evans and James Lane.

On Sunday, June 26, the first “pickup” event was held at Matheny’s Robert Schonhorn Arts Center, and several of the share purchasers came to claim their artwork and to meet the artists.  Eileen Murray, director of the Arts Access Program, expressed, “a huge thank you to the Kessler Foundation. They made this happen.”  Art Garden, she added, “was the seed of an idea by Celene Ryan, Arts Unbound director of artist development.”  Then, Murray introduced the Arts Access artists, and Ryan recognized the Arts Unbound artists.