A Joyful First Day of School at Matheny

It was no ordinary first day of school on Wednesday morning in Peapack! For the first time since March of 2020, the Matheny School is back to operating fully in-person five days a week.

There was an excited buzz on campus as school leadership, teachers, paraprofessionals, and other school staff awaited the students’ arrival. And as the students entered and greeted staff, the halls quickly filled with the welcome sounds of a bustling school building – sounds that have been very missed over the last two and half years. For Director of Curriculum and Assistant Principal Katie Hardgrove, the best part was the smiles on everyone’s faces.

“The resiliency of students and staff has just been so amazing – through virtual learning, and then a hybrid period, as well as quarantines and other hurdles”, she said. “As you go around the classrooms today, you can see how excited and engaged the students and staff are. Everyone is just so excited to see one another.”

The Matheny School currently has 39 students enrolled. The community is also growing, thanks to the recent addition of five new school staff who are eagerly getting to know their new students and colleagues.

When asked what she’s most excited about for the school year, Hardgrove emphasized the re-establishment of a routine. It will certainly take time and patience to fully adjust to this new normal. But as always, the Matheny School maintains its fundamental belief in the students’ talents and potential, as well as its commitment to encourage growth and maximize independence. We can’t wait to see the great work the students will do this year!