Giving back to the community

From left, Yasin Reddick, Anthony Winchatz, Matheny student James Wild, Marlo Bodinizzo and Matheny students Catherine Aragona and Raven Bennett.

The Resource Center of Somerset County, created to fight back against the negative effects of domestic violence, provides a safe house for domestic violence victims. But the victims, while living in emergency shelters, often lack some of the basic items needed for everyday living.

With that in mind, the students in Peggy Zappulla’s class at the Matheny School decided to collect items, such as toiletries, school supplies and clothes, from Matheny staff members. On September 12, they presented several boxes of items collected (or purchased at Wal-Mart with cash contributions) to Lt. Anthony J. Winchatz, Resource Center director of marketing and public relations, and Marlo Bodinizzo, development assistant and donations coordinator.

“We can ask corporations to write a check,” said Winchatz, “but when the gifts come from people in our community, they are extra special. Donations such as yours are so much more important to our program because they are sincere and come from the heart.” One student, Yasin Reddick, expressed the feelings of the entire class when he told Winchatz, “We just wanted to give back.”