Early Passover

Matheny student Aaron Turovlin, enjoying the Passover service with Rabbi Evan Jaffe. At center is social worker Marjorie Cote.

The Four Questions are an important part of the Passover seder, highlighting the ways in which Passover customs and foods distinguish the holiday from other times of the year. Each of the four answers explains why something is done differently during this holiday.

Rabbi Evan Jaffe of the Flemington, NJ, Jewish Community Center visited Matheny a few days before Passover and explained the Four Questions to a group of Matheny students and adult patients. He also led them in Passover songs and prayers.

Ushering in the New Year

Rabbi Jaffe and adult patient Teddy Dobrich.

It has become a tradition every fall for Rabbi Evan Jaffe of the Flemington, NJ, Jewish Community Center to visit with Jewish students and patients at Matheny a few days before Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur to conduct pre-holiday services. This year was no exception as the energetic rabbi explained the meaning of the Jewish New Year and led his guest congregants in song and prayer.

An added attraction was his coaching of music therapist Alissa West, who did an admirable job of blowing the shofar, the ram’s horn that is an integral part of the High Holy Day services.

The FJCC is a conservative synagogue providing the Jewish community of Hunterdon County with religious, educational and social programs.

Alissa West blowing the shofar.