‘Virtual’ baby shower gifts

Adult patients, from left, John Edwards, Rasheedah Mahali and Luis Rodriguez wait for the baby shower items to be picked up.

Adult patients at Matheny spearheaded a drive among Matheny employees to collect items for “virtual” baby showers for the wives of wounded warriors who are at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, D.C. These expectant mothers most likely won’t be having traditional baby showers because they are away from family and friends while helping their husbands recover from their wounds.

Employees were asked to donate such items as clothing, diapers, pacifiers and disposable bottles. Then the items were transported from Matheny to Marine Sgt. Mario “Gunny” Monaco in Passaic, N.J., who made sure they got to Walter Reed. The project was done in collaboration with Marines Care, Volunteer Management Centers, Inc. and Operation Homefront.