Relaxation specialists

Novartis volunteer Sakshi Rupayanda assists adult resident Christina Scheper.

Yoga classes are an important part of Matheny’s adult education program, which is designed to provide for self-expression and instill a sense of self-respect among our adult residents. Yoga has been very popular with adult patients because it helps them relax and takes their minds off their disabilities.

On May 8, as part of the Novartis Pharmaceutical Corporation’s Community Partnership Day, several volunteers from the company assisted Matheny staff members in the adult yoga class. “Investing in the communities where we live and work,” said Kevin Rigby, Novartis vice president and head of public affairs in the U.S., “is a defining part of the culture and fabric of our company. This annual day of volunteerism gives our employee teams an opportunity to join hands in service with our outstanding nonprofit partners to help make a positive, long-lasting difference in people’s lives.

Community partners

Raking leaves and helping to spruce up the courtyard outside the Matheny Center of Medicine and Dentistry were these Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation volunteers. From left: Sewhan Chon, Karin Hunziker, Ana Bastiani-Posner, Holly Crosbie-Foote, Duncan McKechnie and Lori Tempsick.

On October 4, Matheny received hands-on help from 14 employees of Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation (NPC), who helped clean up and beautify our grounds.  The employees were participating in the company’s 16th annual Community Partnership Day, a global initiative within the Novartis Group that reaffirms the company’s commitment to social responsibility.

According to Kevin Rigby, vice president of public affairs and communications at Novartis, Community Day enables the company to “share our resources with the communities where we live and work, provide employees with meaningful opportunities to give back and make a positive, long-lasting difference in people’s lives.”