Jamming with junk

Matheny student Ryan O’Connor makes music with a bottle, held by Zach Green as personal care assistant Mulu Yihune looks on.

“Welcome to the amazing Junk Jam show!” Zach Green, one of three musicians who make up the Junk Jam Band, welcomed Matheny students to a high energy, interactive and enlightening performance of music created by homemade instruments. The idea is to entertain while delivering messages about recycling, environmental consciousness and social accountability. “We’re trying to inspire everyone to take care of the planet,” Green said.

The band members produced drums out of tires and buckets, and Green played a “milk jugaphone,” a reed instrument made out of a milk bottle. The Matheny students not only enjoyed the concert, they got a chance to try out some of the instruments as well. The Junk Jam members get their motivation from a quote by Victor Hugo, prominently displayed on the band’s website. It reads: “Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.”

Matheny student James Wild plays on a drum made out of a bucket.