Green Wave rolls in

The Delbarton basketball team and Matheny staff members. In front, from left, Matheny students Shane Szott, Jamil Jones and James Wild.

The Delbarton Green Wave basketball team came to Matheny on December 22 for its annual visit, which included a variety of basketball contests, to the delight of Matheny students and patients. This is an event eagerly anticipated every year, and the 2014 edition did not disappoint.

The Delbarton players took part in several skill competitions with Matheny staff members and helped students and patients compete in adapted versions of the sport. They also tossed Delbarton T-shirts into the seats, arena-style.

Sports are a major activity at Matheny. Students and adults participate in a variety of adapted sports, compete in Special Olympics and often attend high school, college and professional games. The Delbarton School is an independent Roman Catholic learning center in Morristown, NJ, for young men in grades 7–12.

True teammates

Shane, left, and Josh Szott.

The students and patients at Matheny look forward to the annual visit by the varsity basketball team of the Delbarton School, an independent Roman Catholic learning center in Morristown for young men in grades 7–12. But this year brought a special twist. Delbarton basketball player Josh Szott was able to compete along with his brother Shane, a student at Matheny. Josh and Shane are the sons of David and Andrea Szott of Morristown, NJ.

The physical education and recreation therapy departments at Matheny created an assortment of basketball games designed to level the playing field, and the Delbarton players either competed against the Matheny players or helped them compete against each other. They also tossed T-shirts into the audience in the Robert Schonhorn Arts Center and displayed some of the skills they use against their regular opponents.

The event is always a huge success and, besides being fun, helps the Matheny students and patients improve their physical, emotional, cognitive and social well-being.

Delbarton player Drew Douglas with Matheny student Vraj Desai.

Team spirit

Bryce Curnin, left, and Ryan Murphy of Mendham, NJ, with Matheny student Catherine Aragona.

“It was a great experience for the whole team, and we all really appreciated the opportunity to help out.” That’s Bryce Curnin, a member of the Delbarton School varsity basketball team and a resident of Basking Ridge, NJ, who spoke on behalf of all of his teammates who made their annual visit to Matheny to participate in adapted basketball contests with Matheny students and patients.

Physical education instructor Jim Hintenach and recreation therapy director Sean Bielefeldt created a variety of basketball games designed to level the playing field, and, as always, the event resulted in an hour packed with fun and camaraderie in an arena-type atmosphere. The Delbarton players finished off the morning by tossing t-shirts into the audience, similar to what is often done at NBA games.

“It was very humbling to see the students at Matheny,” added Curnin. “I hope it meant as much to them as it did to us.” Delbarton is an independent Roman Catholic learning center in Morristown, NJ, for young men, grades 7-12.

The Delbarton basketball team cheers on adult patient Jason Weiner, who sunk several baskets.


Holiday hoop dreams

Members of the Delbarton School varsity basketball team from Morristown, NJ, made their annual visit to Matheny in December to display some of their on-court moves and compete with Matheny students and patients in adapted versions of the sport.

The adapted basketball contests, developed by Matheny School phys ed instructor Jim Hintenach and Matheny recreation therapy director Sean Bielefeldt, are designed to level the playing field so the two groups can compete meaningfully.

The annual assembly, with audience members wearing jerseys from their favorite teams, has become a much-anticipated event.

Above, Sean Bielefeldt and adult patient Amanda Kochell with, from left, Brian Hardin, Billy Carroll, Steve DeLosa and Adam Schreck.

Below, Ryan Curran shoots from a sitting position on the Matheny Arts Center stage.