‘It’s just a phenomenal place’

When he was 17, Matthew was hospitalized for six weeks as the result of a decubitus ulcer, a bed sore that develops from lying or sitting in one position too long. “It was sort of God’s way of telling us we couldn’t handle his medical problems anymore,” says his father, Don. Four months later, Matthew was admitted as a resident at Matheny. “It wasn’t easy,” says his mother, Marie, “but we know this is where he needs to be. It’s just a phenomenal place.”

Adds his father: “Everybody’s so professional, caring and competent. Everybody knows Matthew’s name. We can’t believe it.”

“Everyday,” says Marie, “we thank God for the people who work here and for the passion they have for our child and everyone else.”

Matthew, one of nine “Special Stories” we’ve highlighted in our new publication, which you can download here.