Here we come a-caroling

Frances Steele and Matheny student India Jones.

For at least 10 years now, Jane Steele of Far Hills, NJ, has gathered family members, friends and neighbors to sing Christmas carols to Matheny students and patients. This year, her singing group arrived on the afternoon of December 23 and visited all three residential zones, taking requests and inviting Matheny residents to join in the singing.

The selections ran the gamut of popular songs of the season, but the most requested selection by far was “Jingle Bells.” Many of the younger carolers have also been volunteers through the years, so, in addition to celebrating the holidays, it was an opportunity to renew old acquaintances.

Volunteers are needed at Matheny throughout the year during weekdays, evenings and weekends.  Individuals can serve as recreation assistants, classroom aides, tutors or just friendly visitors. For more information, call (908) 234-0011, ext. 282, or email

Charlotte Steele with Matheny student Bianca Mathis.