‘I trust the doctors here’

Occupational therapist Maura Mirecki makes an adjustment to Bari-Kim’s new wheelchair.

When Bari-Kim Goldrosen, who has diplegic cerebral palsy, moved from Matheny into one of Matheny’s community residences in 1997 at age 27, “the original thought,” her mother, Sheila Goldrosen, recalls, “was that if you’re living in the community, you go to doctors in the community.” But Bari-Kim and her family soon realized that the best doctors, dentists and therapists, for people with disabilities, are located at the Matheny Center of Medicine and Dentistry, and so Bari-Kim travels the 20 miles from Franklin Township, NJ, to Peapack, NJ, to see the therapists and rehab technicians in the MCMD seating and mobility clinic and to receive primary medical care, eye exams and dental care.

The Center of Medicine and Dentistry was started, according to Christina P. Mand, MD, because “we understand the culture of disability. Anyone who comes to our center will feel comfortable in our waiting room—no one will stare or comment, as can happen in a regular physician’s office.” Bari-Kim has an annual physical exam with Dr. Mand and comes for periodic visits in between as needed.

The seating and mobility clinic recently helped Bari-Kim acquire a new wheelchair, something she desperately needed. “The process for obtaining Medicare and secondary insurance authorizations is involved and cumbersome,” explains Kevin McCormick,  director of rehabilitation technology. “However, everyone from the group home manager to the clinician to the rehab staff to Bari-Kim’s parents worked together to get the authorizations.” The new wheelchair was delivered December 18.

“Bari-Kim likes going to the doctors here,” says Sheila Goldrosen. “They know how to handle everything. I trust them.”

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Bari-Kim with, from left: Gary E. Eddey, MD., Matheny vice president and chief medical officer; her brother, Neal; mother, Sheila; and father, Dr. Richard Goldrosen.