Improving social skills

Matheny is planning a new series of social skills groups for children with special needs. Parents will learn techniques to facilitate their child’s social skills and ability to interact in a group. This group will mirror a typical preschool experience with songs, crafts, games and play. It will be a fun and therapeutic way for families to meet others in their communities and interact with their children.

We recognize the escalating need for social skills intervention for children on the autism spectrum as well as those having other developmental delays that impact social skills,

The series will focus on children 2 to 3 years of age and will be held in locations in Somerset and Morris Counties.

The classes will involve both child and parent participation and are designed for children with a diagnosis or symptoms of autism spectrum disorder, ADHD and/or sensory integration difficulties.

For more information, call (908) 234-0011, ext. 751, or email

Above, a Matheny speech-language pathologist works with a child in early intervention.