Speech Therapy

Augmentative communications devices

Speech Therapy provides comprehensive assessment and treatment for patients who exhibit speech and language disorders and/or dysphagia involvement.

  • The Speech Therapy Department evaluates potential patients prior to admission to determine appropriateness for placement.
  • Following a patient’s admission, the therapists provide individual, group, and/or supportive services in the areas of communication, hearing, oral care, and dysphagia. In-services and hands-on trainings are provide to all residential and program staff in the aforementioned areas to improve their health and increase their independence.
  • The speech therapists complete initial and ongoing augmentative and alternative communication evaluations to determine an appropriate communication system from low to high technology, which improves the patients’ independence by providing them a voice throughout their day.
  • Additional areas that are targeted in communication therapy include pre-language skills, receptive and expressive language, voice, articulation, respiration, and pragmatic/social skills.
  • The speech therapists also evaluate each patient to determine the appropriate diet consistency, equipment, positioning, and strategies to create a safe mealtime experience and reduce risk of aspiration pneumonia. They work in conjunction with physical and occupational therapy to improve patients positioning for mealtimes and determine appropriate mealtime equipment to maximize independence in feeding themselves. Mealtimes are then monitored and consultative support is provided to the caregivers, as needed.
  • The speech therapist also assists with determining oral care equipment for each patient, in conjunction with their dentist and occupational therapist, to prevent aspiration pneumonia and to improve their acceptance of oral care.
  • The speech therapy department manages Audiology Clinic, in which the Audiologist determines the hearing status of each patient and determines candidacy for hearing devices (e.g., hearing aids) and maintains this equipment.
  • Furthermore, they provide consultative services to the Matheny Group Homes, Hillsborough Day Program, and MCMD Clinic.

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