About Matheny

Matheny is a special hospital for children and adults with medically complex developmental disabilities and a special education school providing academics, combined with functional life skills, for students, ages 3-21. Matheny also trains healthcare professionals, therapists, and educators in how to work effectively with persons who have developmental disabilities.

Matheny’s main campus in Peapack, NJ, is home to 101 children and adults with developmental disabilities. Its five group homes, located in Somerset and Warren counties, provide a residence in the community for an additional 30 adults. While the majority of Matheny students and patients have cerebral palsy as their primary diagnosis, Matheny also has children and adults with spina bifida, Lesch-Nyhan Disease (LND), and a wide range of uncommon developmental conditions. In addition to their principal diagnoses, Matheny students and patients also have a long list of associated clinical conditions such as vision and hearing deficits, seizure disorders, and intellectual disabilities.

Music Therapy at Matheny

Music Therapy services at Matheny are delivered by a staff of five board-certified music therapists who are members of the American Music Therapy Association.

How is music therapy used at Matheny?
Music Therapy addresses specific objectives that reflect the program focus of the patients in the areas of cognitive, physical, emotional, and social skills, which are necessary to achieve their full potential in society.

What is the function of the music therapist at Matheny?
The music therapists use various types of music and music therapy techniques tailored to the needs of the patients. Music therapists are integral members of an interdisciplinary team who work together planning and implementing appropriate goals and objectives, documenting progress, and evaluating the effectiveness of the treatment.

Matheny offers a variety of music therapy settings.
Patients are seen both in individual and group settings. Music therapists often work alongside professionals from other disciplines in co-treatment sessions where the student/patient works on several objectives in the same setting. Matheny also offers a variety of music leisure experiences, such as a vocal choir, two adapted MIDI choirs, and music club.

What is the structure of The Music Therapy Internship?
Matheny offers a six-month internship program beginning either in January or July, with two positions open for each cycle. The population served includes pre-school age children to adults with developmental and physical disabilities of varying severity. Interns are under the supervision of an Internship Director and four additional Board Certified Music Therapists.

Located in scenic Somerset Hills of New Jersey, Peapack has easy train access to New York City and the Jersey Shore area. On campus housing and meals are provided to all interns free of charge however, there is no stipend available. Intern schedules are either Sunday through Thursday plus one evening a week, or Tuesday through Saturday plus one evening a week. Interns may take one three-day weekend off per month.

The internship is considered your first employment experience. The intern must be competent musically and have a basic knowledge of music therapy as it relates to the physically disabled population. Interns attend all team meetings and department meetings, and may attend conferences. Interns are responsible for music therapy programming for group and individual sessions. Other requirements include goal and objective writing, progress documentation, two papers, an in-service presentation, related readings, and a project of the intern’s choice.

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