Summer extravaganza

Walter Droz, Salvation Army of Morristown commanding officer, visited Matheny recently to pick up the donated items. With Droz, from left, are Rasheedah Mahali, Matheny adult resident, and Deanna Willard and Claire Torsiello, adult instructors.

Matheny’s Adult Services program hosted a Summer Extravaganza to collect items that the Salvation Army of Morristown, NJ, can use in its children’s daycare program. Intended for children from six months to four years old, the items included bubbles, sidewalk chalk, sunglasses, sunblock, flip-flops, beach towels, diapers and beach toys.

Nearly 30 million Americans receive assistance from The Salvation Army each year through a broad array of social services ranging from providing food for the hungry to helping underprivileged children. The Salvation Army of Morristown serves 17 communities in Morris County.

Adults in Matheny’s Adult Services program are encouraged to strive for life goals, continue their education and be better able to manage the challenge of community living.

Food for families in need

From left, adult patient Dion Alston, Salvation Army Morristown CO Walter Droz, adult patient T.J. Christian, adult services instructors Deanna Willard and Claire Torsiello and adult patient Cindy Shanks.

The Salvation Army has been providing social and spiritual services to communities throughout the world since 1886, and it’s particularly known for its food drives. The adult patients at Matheny decided to collect nonperishable food items from Matheny staff members for the Salvation Army New Jersey Division in Morristown’s fall food drive, and Walter Droz, the commanding officer, picked up the donations in late November.

Matheny employees were extremely generous, and the donated food will help many families in Morris County, N.J., enjoy the holiday season. The Morristown Salvation Army office serves 17 communities in Morris and Sussex counties including Mendham, Morris Plains and East Hanover.