Special Delivery

Barba Church

From left: Vincent Barba, MD, Matheny vp of patient care and safety; knitting ministry members MaryAnn Barba and Deborah LaMonica; Kendell R. Sprott, MD, JD, Matheny president and CEO; Peter Longa, director of PCA/CRA services and nursing education; Denise Micheletti, director of nursing services; Linda Marciano, administrative assistant, patient care and safety; and Kimberly Foreman, director of quality improvement.

The knitting ministry at Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament in Roseland, NJ, is made up of dedicated women who meet every Wednesday to knit and crochet items for those in need at such places as nursing homes, veterans’ homes, and hospitals. The gifts, according to those in the knitting ministry, are made as “a reminder to the persons receiving them that they are covered in prayer and wrapped in God’s Love.”

On April 26, a group from the church arrived at Matheny with boxes of blankets for Matheny’s residents. Everyone is extremely grateful for their generosity and compassion.