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Mo-Beard, Matheny Students Play Hoops for Heart

Mo-Beard student, Gina Finelli, helps
16-year-old Matheny student, Mason
Walsh, get ready to shoot.

On Friday, February 27, Morristown-Beard middle school basketball players helped Matheny students hone their basketball skills as part of several activities designed to raise money for the American Heart Association.

The basketball activity was part of Hoops For Heart, designed by the AHA as a way to bring students together for a good cause.  Matheny students also participated in Jump Rope For Heart..  Hoops For Heart and Jump Rope For Heart are both part of Matheny’s adapted physical education program.

On the same day, throughout Matheny, employees wore red and donated $5 to help the AHA raise women’s awareness of cardiovascular disease and empower women to reduce their risks. Families and friends of Matheny students were asked to send checks, made out to The American Heart Association, to Jim Hintenach, adapted physical education teacher. All of these activities raised more than $1,000 for the AHA.

More information about AHA activities can be obtained by logging onto the following websites:, and

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