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Field of Dreams: Somerset Hills Little Leaguers Team Up with Matheny Students and Patients

Ryan Lane of Gladstone with Matheny
student, Shane Szott

Several members of the Somerset Hills Little League recently helped create a magical afternoon on the adapted baseball field at  Matheny.¬† The Little Leaguers teamed up with Matheny students and patients to play an actual game, helping the Matheny players swing the bat and then wheeling them around the bases before¬† other Matheny players in the field could get them out, also assisted by the Little League players.  The game, according to Little League coach, Neil Klein of Gladstone, NJ, was, "a great opportunity to share the magic of Little League with Matheny.  We saw smiles and heard laughter we will not forget anytime soon.  Our kids were thrilled. They all had a great time and are collectively looking forward to the next game."


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