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Matheny and Bedwell Students Compete in Adapted Sports Activities

8-year-old Kathryn Haas of Peapack
navigates a power wheelchair through
an obstacle course.

Matheny students visited third-grade gym classes at the Bedwell Elementary School in Bernardsville as part of Matheny’s adapted physical education program.  During the visit, Matheny students demonstrated adapted sports such as soccer, bowling and wheelchair relay races; and the Bedwell students tested their skills in all of these activities.  Goal of the program was to promote interaction between both groups, enabling them to compete as peers.

“Activities like this,” said Bedwell phys ed instructor, Phil Wilkinson, “bring out the best in our kids.  It opens their eyes.  There was an initial period of apprehension, but that lasted a very short period of time.”  Plans were already being discussed for future collaborations between the two schools.

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