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Transplant from Atlanta
Discovers Matheny

Amy Bell with Matheny resident
Tasha Santiago O'Keefe.

Shortly after her family moved from Atlanta to Peapack, in August of last year, Amy Bell noticed the Matheny sign at the intersection of Main Street and Highland Avenue.  “I looked Matheny up online,” she recalled, “contacted the volunteer services department and came up for a tour.”

In September, Bell began volunteering “wherever they needed me.”  That includes helping out with the Tea Time Café, a snack bar run by Matheny students for employees; assisting with the students’ sandwich shop sales; or providing assistance to the transportation department when students are preparing to go on special trips. “I’ve enjoyed getting to know the staff,” she said, “and seeing what they do on a day-to-day basis. I’m amazed at what the students get to experience.” Bell’s husband works for Verizon, and the move from Atlanta was triggered by a transfer to the company’s Basking Ridge office.  So far, Bell loves living in Peapack where “everyone is very welcoming.” Darlene Tammara, the Matheny teacher responsible for the Tea Time Café, said Bell has been “extremely helpful, and she brings her southern hospitality and charm to both staff and students. I am so happy she will be available this coming school year to assist again with the café.  She has been a wonderful addition to our Matheny family.”

Matheny needs volunteers from the community during weekdays, evenings and weekends. Individuals can serve as recreation assistants, classroom aides, tutors or just friendly visitors.  To get more information, call (908) 234-0011, ext. 282, or email


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