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FHCDS Students Learn About Living with a Disability

From left: 10-year-old Sophia Agathis of
Far Hills, nine-year-old Emma Cusano of
Bedminster, 10-year-old Paul Singh of
Far Hills and nine-year-old Jordan Law of
Clinton visit with 17-year-old Matheny
student, Zachary Ludlow.

Therapists, teachers and students from Matheny recently visited a fourth grade gym class at the Far Hills Country Day School as part of Matheny’s school outreach program. The objective is to give able-bodied students the opportunity to experience what it is like to live with a disability; to break down barriers of fear and anxiety about how to relate to people with disabilities; and to replace those barriers with a sense of camaraderie, understanding and friendship.

Matheny staff and students demonstrated the use of power and manual wheelchairs, adaptive tricycles and adaptive bocce and bowling. FHCDS students tried out all of the equipment and also had a chance to race the Matheny students in the wheelchairs and tricycle.




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